Elegant Heat

Fashion With A Temperature

Heat is soothing. Heat is fun. Heat is fashionable. Come join the fun with the highest quality swim caps and thermoplastic hot water bottles from Fashy in Germany. 

Our Roots

Since 1999, our parent company, FashionHot.com, has been the exclusive U.S. distributor for Fashy hot water bottle products. FashionHot began with a retail website and in 2006 moved to a wholesale only operation. Now we're expanding to include Fashy swim caps on our new retail site here at ElegantHeat.com.  Above all, we are Fashy cheerleaders! Not because we sell their products but exactly the opposite is true--we sell them because they are the very best you can buy. Available here, direct from the importer.

Hot Water Bottles

The material used to make Fashy hot water bottles is nothing short of amazing. Able to hold water from simmering to freezing, these products provide a range of therapeutic comfort unheard of in any similar device.

Whether your need heat for a bruise or just a warm night's sleep, or cold for a sprain or neck ache, Fashy hot water bottles provide the answer. There are no traditional seams to leak and the neck is integrated as part of the molding process making the body, neck, and filler literally one molded piece.

Swim Caps

Problem: Pool chlorine can wreak havoc with hair but what to do? You can't wear a shower cap in the pool. And competition swim caps are uncomfortable and decidedly unfashionable.

Solution: Fashy swim caps are the perfect answer for pool fun without wet hair. Whether you're taking an exercise class in the pool or going to a swim party and don't want to ruin your cut or color, Fashy swim caps are cute, fashionable, and ready at a moment's notice.